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JB GROUP is a unique platform that presents a novel idea in mobile earning and community sharing.

What is JB GROUP?

With the development of modern technology, people are increasingly embracing digital payment methods for their everyday transactions as the globe transitions to a cashless society. However, the existing loyalty programs for these payment methods often fall short regarding flexibility and accessibility.

Because of its unique post-paid advertising pricing model, JB GROUP is a unique platform that stands out from other loyalty programs. This platform allows customers to purchase things while simultaneously obtaining benefits like mileage and points. Every time a consumer makes a purchase, they can earn 1.5% mileage and 1.5% points. The miles and points can be redeemed at a variety of businesses countrywide, including dining establishments, coffee shops, medical facilities, and more.

Market Value and Potential

Space Market, operated by Space Group, was one of the first companies to bring random boxes from the game market to the online community market. As of the end of 2021, the Space Market platform has an estimated user base of 2.3 million resulting in huge revenue. The triumph of this enterprise attests to the burgeoning appetite for exceptional and captivating online experiences in the marketplace and to the possibility of entities such as JB GROUP leveraging this tendency for their benefit.


Recently, the market for loyalty programs has undergone remarkable expansion, exhibiting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.3%, increasing from 9.6 billion in 2021 to 18.2 billion in 2026, according to Markets and Markets. The skyrocketing demand for seamless and transparent customer experiences, alongside the increasing demand for digital technologies, are some of the reasons for driving this upward trajectory.


At JB GROUP, we aspire to revolutionize the advertising sector by introducing a one-of-a-kind post-paid advertising fee platform catering to the needs of small business owners who face difficulties in reaching their desired audience.

We aim to give merchants the resources they need to grow their businesses while providing consumers with a convenient shopping experience and rewards.

We believe that by offering a transparent and accessible platform, we can transform the mindset of people towards incentives and advertising, establishing the foundation for an era when everyone benefits from this innovative ecosystem.

The reality of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty schemes have been present for numerous decades, and despite their popularity among consumers, they frequently need to offer authentic benefits to both customers and merchants. Many loyalty programs need more flexibility, with limited options for earning and redeeming rewards.


  • Earn M/P from any merchant using the JB GROUP platform, exchange Mileage for JBC coins, and exchange earned points for Gold Boxes.

  • Contain a random selection of high-end products from top brands like Nike, Gucci, etc.

  • It costs merchants 4% of the transaction fee and is accessible to customers.

  • It can create a community around the platform, with influencers and creators promoting and sharing their experiences with the product.

  • Offers advertisement for small business to broaden their target audience.

Traditional Random Box

  • Purchase a box with a random set of items with no way to earn or exchange points.

  • Random assortment of low or high-end products, but no guarantee of quality or brand.

  • Have a set price, but there needs to be more transparency on how the cost is determined or how profits are distributed.

  • It needs a sense of community, with a way to share or connect with others who have purchased the same product.

  • No such advertisement system.

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How JB GROUP works

Let's enter into the world, which is a start of fruitful journey!

Platform’s advertising Structure:

There are a number of ways in which JB GROUP helps to advertise their products. The first and widely used method is Internet advertisements, which can appear on frequently frequented websites and social media platforms.  This can help merchants to target particular customer audiences Based on their hobbies, location, and demographics. 

Regular classifieds, which are frequently accessible in regional newspapers or internet marketplaces, are an additional option. This approach, which is a more conventional style of advertising, can be appropriate for businesses that are targeting a particular region.

The advantages of joining the JB GROUP

JB GROUP platform offers several advantages for small enterprises and businesses struggle to get enough recognition.  It is an attractive alternative for both clients and businesses due to its wider range of features.

Improved customer loyalty and repeat business

JB GROUP ability to provide customized incentives can assist businesses in forging close bonds with their clients and enticing them to make additional purchases.

Cost-effective advertising

Merchants can use JB GROUP post-paid advertising fee platform to reach a targeted audience without upfront expenditures, as opposed to paying money on conventional advertising channels.

Access to rich customer information

Small businesses can join the JB GROUP platform to obtain access to priceless client information. This is made possible by ㅓㅠ Box's user data collecting system

Improved customer traffic

By collaborating with JB GROUP, retailers may access a broad network of potential customers and successfully increase visitor numbers to their stores.

"JB GROUP is an innovative platform that presents a mutually beneficial solution for small business proprietors and consumers,"

Security Measures: Ensuring Safe Transactions and Data Protection

At JB GROUP, we prioritize the security of our users' transactions and data. We take extensive precautions to ensure that our platform is safe and secure for all users since we recognize that security is of the utmost significance in today's digital age.

We use cutting-edge encryption technology to secure financial information communicated over our platform to protect users' transactions. As a result, no data can be intercepted or viewed by unauthorized persons because it has been adequately encrypted.

We have secure authentication procedures in place to further prevent fraud and identity theft.

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